Relocation & Family Office Services

Feasibility Study

The first step to any project is bringing together the elements of knowledge that indicate if a project is possible or not.

Available package

  • Eligibility: for permanent residency gathering together all necessary information and documentation in order to be successful in applying for a residency permit which suits you best, according to your nationality the steps to follow may differ. Once this step has been cleared we are now ready to go!

Local orientation

Our local orientation service provides and introduction to daily life in Switzerland and helps speed up the settling in process. This customized program is tailored to suit individual needs and provides an overview of the destination as well as insight into living and working in Switzerland. Orientation typically offers a guided tour of the new neighbourhood and surrounding areas and introduction to local amenities and contacts of interest.

Find a New Home

Through our network of both national and international business partners we will help you find suitable housing and we guarantee to be personally involved in all property showings and point out pros & cons of each property.

Local Registration

We provide assistance with getting new arrivals registered in the Swiss system:

  • Civic registration at local city hall
  • Health care registration
  • Social security and family benefits registration
  • Civil Liability and further required insurances registration
  • Bank account opening

Settling in

  • Ad hoc services following your personal requirements